Hair’s The Thing About Donating

Hair Donation

I think I was about 7 years old when I donated my hair for the first time. I remember our friend and hair stylist, Chris, telling me about Locks of Love and wanting to help out other kids. So I did it, I chopped off my long, dirty blonde locks and ended up with a bob just below my earlobes. Here’s a picture of me about 7-8 months after I cut and donated my hair for the first time! Since then I’ve donated my hair 5 more times! That’s about once every three years. Now this post isn’t to brag […]

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Spontaneous Road Trips

I’ve never been a spontaneous person. I try to be and I like the idea of it but the reality of it is: I’m a planner. Always have been, always will be. I may “spontaneously” make plans to do something but it’s still always a few days before so I can get the details worked out. Where was I this weekend though? I was in the car on a 12 hour road trip to Michigan and Ohio! When was this planned? The MONDAY before. I haven’t directly said it before but I’m an Independent Distributor with It Works! Global. Best […]

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My mom pulled it off. She planned a surprise that didn’t get ruined, no one spilled the beans, and I was genuinely surprised (in shock actually). I literally had NO IDEA. The funny thing is, SO MANY people (pretty much everyone on our It Works! Team, that’s 100+ people) knew about it! She had mentioned she ordered something for me for my birthday and that there was a delay and it hadn’t been delivered yet. I’m thinking she ordered something on Amazon or some other website.  Actually, to be honest, I thought it was more seasons of the Golden Girls […]

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