The Liebster Award!

My Liebster Award

I’m so excited! I want to thank Diana & Hope from MVMT Blog for nominating me for The Liebster Award! Diana & Hope are sisters who love to travel; I met through the awesome Facebook group: Girls Love Travel. They write about their own travel experiences and also provide tips for both the beginner traveler and the more experienced traveler. You can check out some great pictures from their travel adventures on their Instagram! I also want to give all my readers a shout out, especially my subscribers, for for being here and supporting me! If you are nominated and choose to accept the […]

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How To: Make a Candle/Candy Holder

how to make a candle/candy holder

I love a good D.I.Y. and I’m always perusing Pinterest for my next crafty present, decoration, or recipe! Today I made an elegant, simple, 5-minute craft from Dollar Tree and wanted to share with you all how you can make it too. Now, I wasn’t exactly sure what to call it because it can be so many things! I guess we will go with candle/candy holder since that’s what I put in mine but you can put candy or mints in it for when you have guests over, you can put a candle in it, you can even get some pretty […]

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Feathers & Beaded Bikinis

For those of you who don’t know me personally, a fun fact is that I grew up in Barbados! My granny’s side of the family is from here so my mum and I moved down from the states and stayed here for 12 years. Don’t feel weird, I know a lot of people don’t know where Barbados is (it’s pretty small), so here’s a map: As you can see, it’s a tiny (only 166 sq. mi.) island that sticks out to the right wayyy down near South America. If you have heard of Barbados before it might be because it’s […]

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10 Tips to Traveling

I’ve been traveling a LOT this year, definitely more than usual (this is mostly because I have the free time now that I work from home so I’m taking advantage of that “work from anywhere” luxury!) Since April I’ve traveled to Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia (duh – that’s home base) and now I’m in Barbados! I’ve always loved exploring the world, seeing new places, and experiencing other cultures BUT there’s one thing I hate, despise, LOATHE (can you tell I don’t like this…) about traveling… any guesses? PACKING AND UNPACKING. On a regular day at home […]

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My mom pulled it off. She planned a surprise that didn’t get ruined, no one spilled the beans, and I was genuinely surprised (in shock actually). I literally had NO IDEA. The funny thing is, SO MANY people (pretty much everyone on our It Works! Team, that’s 100+ people) knew about it! She had mentioned she ordered something for me for my birthday and that there was a delay and it hadn’t been delivered yet. I’m thinking she ordered something on Amazon or some other website.  Actually, to be honest, I thought it was more seasons of the Golden Girls […]

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