Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

There’s nothing I dislike more than a liar. If you’re going to lie, don’t make it a lie that someone can instantly prove is a lie. I’m not saying that lies are okay if you’re not going to be caught, but I’m saying why would you do it in the first place if it’s weak? White lies about your friend gaining weight or if their baby is cute are fine. Saying I have purple hair, or that I’m a lawyer when I clearly don’t and am not, are not okay. Anyway, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this and […]

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Voice Message Mishap

Voice Message Mishap - A Story of My UnBRIElievable Life

2017 is already proving to just as or more unBRIElievable than 2016! About a month ago, my friend Brittany and I went to A-Town to watch our alma mater, JMU, play in the semifinals for the FCS National Championship. This is where I met Adam Stanton*. We exchanged numbers, texted a bit afterwards and seemed to be getting along. Or so I thought…but then he kept “forgetting” to text me back… well, I’m not stupid I could tell he wasn’t interested anymore. Since JMU won the semifinals A-Town was having another watch party for the championship game against Youngstown State and […]

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