My Indiana Adventure

The Airport Well, as expected, my trip to Indiana was definitely worthy of writing about. My life is always one ridiculous event after the other. I decided to go up for the weekend to see Hannah, one of my best friends and business partners in It Works!, and her daughter for her first birthday party. Things started to get crazy before I even got to the airport. It’s about 20 minutes away from my house so my mom picked me up at 6:20 A.M. to drive me there. I checked in online the night before so I only had to make it through […]

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Hair’s The Thing About Donating

Hair Donation

I think I was about 7 years old when I donated my hair for the first time. I remember our friend and hair stylist, Chris, telling me about Locks of Love and wanting to help out other kids. So I did it, I chopped off my long, dirty blonde locks and ended up with a bob just below my earlobes. Here’s a picture of me about 7-8 months after I cut and donated my hair for the first time! Since then I’ve donated my hair 5 more times! That’s about once every three years. Now this post isn’t to brag […]

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The Liebster Award!

My Liebster Award

I’m so excited! I want to thank Diana & Hope from MVMT Blog for nominating me for The Liebster Award! Diana & Hope are sisters who love to travel; I met through the awesome Facebook group: Girls Love Travel. They write about their own travel experiences and also provide tips for both the beginner traveler and the more experienced traveler. You can check out some great pictures from their travel adventures on their Instagram! I also want to give all my readers a shout out, especially my subscribers, for for being here and supporting me! If you are nominated and choose to accept the […]

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Tips for Shopping on a Budget

tips for shopping on a budget

I know it’s a stereotype that girls love to shop, but I’d say it’s a pretty accurate stereotype. I know not EVERY girl likes shopping but the majority do and we typically call those girls, “Shopaholics.” I thought I’d give some of my tips for shopping on a budget because haven’t you ever gone out with your friends and said you’re only going to spend “x” amount of money and then you end up spending “xyz”? Yep, that’s happened to me, especially when I’m using my credit card because you don’t actually see the money physically diminishing from your wallet. […]

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TLC: Tinder Loving Care… or NOT.

Everyone loves to hear about Tinder dates (especially the bad ones). Well my friends, I believe this date could go down in the record books as Worst Date in the History of the World. By now I’m sure everyone has had some experience with Tinder. Either first hand or by watching your single friends swipe left or right in search of someone to match with. Everyone on Tinder has different goals. Some are looking for an actual relationship (this may be the minority), some are looking for a hook up with no strings attached, and every now and then you […]

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My mom pulled it off. She planned a surprise that didn’t get ruined, no one spilled the beans, and I was genuinely surprised (in shock actually). I literally had NO IDEA. The funny thing is, SO MANY people (pretty much everyone on our It Works! Team, that’s 100+ people) knew about it! She had mentioned she ordered something for me for my birthday and that there was a delay and it hadn’t been delivered yet. I’m thinking she ordered something on Amazon or some other website.  Actually, to be honest, I thought it was more seasons of the Golden Girls […]

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A Week of Celebrations

It’s been a little while since my last post but that’s because as I mentioned before, I turned 25 this month. March 8th to be more specific. Now, why would my birthday cause a delay in posting? Because my family and friends went above and beyond this year. It wasn’t just a birthDAY it was a birthWEEK.  So much went down that I haven’t had the chance to really sit for a minute and write! Here are the highlights: My mom did a little card and present each day for the week. Which was awesome! Little things like a big […]

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A Quarter Century

Can you believe it’s already March?! That means Spring and warm weather are right around the corner. It also means my birthday is coming up in a week and this year is a big one – 25 (if you didn’t already guess).  On March 8th I will have been on this Earth for 25 years. That’s 9,132 days! A lot of things have happened in my life and the world since I was born. I’ve had so many experiences there’re too many to count but I thought I would make a list of 25 things I’ve learned.  Even if you’re […]

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Who Am I & Why Am I Here

Hey cyber friends! I’m finally getting around to this blogging thing. It’s been one of my goals for a while and 2016 is MY year! So, here I am! I thought I’d start with a little introduction of myself, and my plans for this blog. If you haven’t already figured it out by reading my About Me or by the name under my picture over there on the right → my name is Brie. Star sign: Pisces Favourite colour: Blue Height: 5’1” Birth country: Switzerland Pets: 1 crazy kitten (Luna), 1 family cat (Cooper), and 1 family dog (Harley) Ok, just kidding! […]

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