Who Am I & Why Am I Here

Hey cyber friends! One of my biggest goals in life is to publish a book so I decided to attempt this blogging thing. So, here I am!

I thought I’d start with a little introduction of myself, and my plans for this blog. If you haven’t already figured it out by the name under my picture over there on the right →
My name is Brie.

Star sign: Pisces
Favourite colour: Blue
Height: 5’1”
Birth place: Switzerland
Pets: 2 kitties (Cooper & Luna), a tank with some fish, and a family dog (Harley)

Ok, just kidding! I’m not doing one of those whole questionnaire things; you’ll learn about me as we go along.

My hopes for this blog are that it will inspire you. Inspire you to explore, inspire you to try new things, inspire you to follow your dreams as I follow mine. Now I know that sounds really cheesy (Brie-cheesy *wink wink*) but it’s the truth. On top of that I also hope that it will make you smile and laugh a little at the craziness that is my life.

I hope to hear feedback from you (that’s the only way I’ll improve) and that you stick around to hear more! So please subscribe and comment.




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