Birthday Freebies!

“Girls can never just celebrate their birthday on one day. They need the whole month, six outfits, three dinners, a holiday, and four cakes.”

     Wellllll it IS a celebration so why limit it to one day?! My birthday was March 8 and I had an incredible day! BUT I’ve been continuing the celebration throughout the month with these freebies. Most of them you need to sign up for their e-mail list and a few require you to download an app. I recommend having an e-mail address that you use strictly to sign up for all of these benefits so you don’t end up getting a ton of junk mail in your regular mailbox. I personally just want the FREE, no strings attached, items for my birthday but a few places do send coupons for discounts as well.

I’ve put together 10 awesome discounts/freebies to celebrate your birthday all month! 

1. American Eagle will give you 15% off your purchase

2. Texas de Brazil gives you $20 off a dinner for two when you sign up and another $20 off during your birthday month

3. At Red Robin you can get a free gourmet burger

4. Auntie Anne’s will hook you up with a free pretzel but you have to download their app

5. California Pizza Kitchen gives you a free dessert of your choice. Ice-scream is not included. I ordered their Belgian Chocolate Souffle Cake and it was delicious! It was extremely rich though and that’s coming from someone who loves, I mean LOVES chocolate.

6. IHOP gives you a free meal for signing up AND a free meal on your birthday

7. Moe’s Southwest Grill offers a free burrito on your birthday plus free nachos (with the purchase of a regular/large drink) when you download the app. On the Border offers free queso or sopapillas just for signing up, free queso on your birthday and anniversary, and deals on the 5th of each month!

8. Baskin Robbins gives you a free scoop of ice-cream if you sign up for their Birthday Club. Ben & Jerry’s did this too but I think they stopped of it may be select locations so go in and ask at your closest store.

9. Starbucks offers a free drink or food item but they have a lot of restrictions

10. Ulta and Sephora both give pretty awesome gifts. Sephora even lets you pick from a few options! For 2018 there are two options if you pick up your free gift in store and three options if you get it online: these are the gift choices this year. I got the Bite Beauty Lip Set.

Make sure to sign up for all of these at least a MONTH before your actual birthday! Some of them go into effect the beginning of your birthday month and some won’t apply if you sign up too late. Starbucks won’t reward you unless you sign up at least a week before your birthday. Sadly I missed out on a free pretzel for being too late to the game. Next year I’ll get all the rewards just for being alive another year!

Do you know of any other birthday freebies? Comment and let me know. I love anything free!



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  1. omg sooo many cool freebies! i definitely did not know there are so many! i always just stick to sephora haha didn’t even know ulta had one!

  2. Oooh, saving for my upcoming birthday in July! I knew about a couple of these, but this list is gold. My friends and I have started saying “it’s my birthday week.” Why limit yourself to just one day, you know? 😉

  3. Ahhh I did not know about any of these! I like to make my birthday month a thing every year but all I really take advantage of is the free drink from Starbucks!

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