Voice Message Mishap

Voice Message Mishap - A Story of My UnBRIElievable Life

2017 is already proving to just as or more unBRIElievable than 2016! About a month ago, my friend Brittany and I went to A-Town to watch our alma mater, JMU, play in the semifinals for the FCS National Championship. This is where I met Adam Stanton*. We exchanged numbers, texted a bit afterwards and seemed to be getting along. Or so I thought…but then he kept “forgetting” to text me back… well, I’m not stupid I could tell he wasn’t interested anymore.

Since JMU won the semifinals A-Town was having another watch party for the championship game against Youngstown State and I didn’t want to run into Adam and have it be weird. I texted him on Thursday night before the game.

Funny story about my dating life

Ok, you “forgot” AGAIN? Am I really that forgettable or are you just that bad at making excuses? At this point I was on my way to yoga and was in the car. Say My Name by Destiny’s Child was on the radio so I turned that up and started to really get into the song. I mean, come on, it’s a classic. Even with the music blaring I suddenly heard my phone make the very distinct “bing bing” that it makes when you send someone a voice message. I looked down at my phone and see that a 12 second voice message was sent to Adam.

I immediately started to hyperventilate and and I turned the radio down to see what I could’ve possibly sent him.

Let me take this moment to mention that I have a lot of talents in life; however, singing is definitely not one of them. I played back the voice note only to hear my own voice singing back. “Oh my God,” I thought, and I closed the voice message without even listening to the whole thing. Luckily my music had been loud enough that it wasn’t just my voice but still… do you realize how long 12 seconds is during a song?! It was basically the entire chorus. Luckily I had just pulled into the parking lot and immediately texted him.

Funny story about my dating life

I was relieved that he played it off so well and made me more comfortable with this embarrassing moment. I was still mortified but I wish I had saved the voice note to share with you guys. Well, not sure I would’ve shared it even if I had it but it would’ve been funny. I was just too humiliated in that moment to think about the opportunity that the voice note presented me with (this great story). I’m also going to mention that this is not the first time my phone has recorded me and sent it to someone without my knowledge. Although, the other time was to a friend and I didn’t care as much.

Two lessons learned here:
  1. Make sure you exit texts and/or lock your phone when you’re finished texting because who knows what could happen if you don’t.
  2. Learn how to laugh at yourself because it’ll make the humiliation way less painful.

In case you were wondering – Nope, these things don’t just happen in movies, they happen in my life regularly. Also, JMU won the game and we are National Champions! Go Dukes!

Cheers to a fun, adventurous, and an unbelievable 2017!
xoxo Brie

*Name has been changed


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