Crossed Lines

Modern day version of crossed lines

Do you remember when people used telephones that connected to a wall? Well I do. Sometimes you’d be talking to your friend when all of a sudden a third random voice would also be talking because the lines got crossed! That problem seemed to be a thing of the past, or so I thought. The other night I was trying to FaceTime my friend Kirk. We went to school together in Barbados and he now lives in Canada. I FaceTimed him and he picked up only to tell me he was at the airport but he would call me back […]

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PSA: Sea Turtles Are Dying.

There are some things that happen in this world that make me sick to my stomach and the abuse of animals is high on my list. I wrote about this topic a while ago but didn’t post it because I thought it was too formal for my blog. Now I don’t care, I just want to spread awareness and hope I can make even a small difference in this issue. Sea turtles are dying and we need to do something about it. A picture that recently went viral of two guys “surfing” on a sea turtle in Australia also compelled […]

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