My Indiana Adventure

The Airport

Well, as expected, my trip to Indiana was definitely worthy of writing about. My life is always one ridiculous event after the other. I decided to go up for the weekend to see Hannah, one of my best friends and business partners in It Works!, and her daughter for her first birthday party.

Things started to get crazy before I even got to the airport. It’s about 20 minutes away from my house so my mom picked me up at 6:20 A.M. to drive me there. I checked in online the night before so I only had to make it through security and get to my gate. I would still have some time to spare since my flight was not until 8:20 A.M.. As we were about to hop onto the main highway towards the airport we saw flashing lights, police cars, and flares… the road was closed. Of course. This WOULD happen to me. The entire four lane highway was blocked off due to a bad accident, yikes.

I tried to keep calm and I called the airlines. Luckily, I purchased trip insurance just for this purpose and knowing my life it’s totally necessary. There was another flight at noon they could put me on if I missed this one. Phew. I set the GPS to find an alternate route and after some backroads and detours we made it to the airport. I had to get my boarding pass printed (I never received the electronic one) and the cut off is an hour before take off – 7:20 for me. I got my boarding pass printed at 7:19! I was cutting it close. I ran down and got in line for security but it was moving at a snail’s pace. I asked a TSA agent if he thought I’d make it to the gate and he was not very helpful. Other travelers overheard me talking and were kind enough to let me cut the line and head to the front! In the end I made it to the gate and on the plane without being late!

The Plane Ride

I ended up sitting next to this awesome girl and making a new friend! She is a little younger than me but we had so much in common. When the flight attendants came around with the drinks and snacks I was a little surprised. Flights have come a long way since peanuts and pretzels so the little snack we got was completely new to me: a Stroopwafel. I had no idea what it was but Kayla (my new friend) assured me it was good. It looks kind of like a waffle because it was circle with ridges but it’s flat like a cookie. It was like a sandwich with two waffle cookie things and a caramel syrup in between. I imagined it to be crunchy but it was soft, and Kayla was right, it was pretty good! We ended up talking the entire flight and then of course became friends on Facebook to keep in touch.

I Finally Arrived

After an hour and a half long flight I finally made it to Indiana and Hannah picked me up. Indiana is the land of open country roads and cornfields so I wasn’t expecting that there would be much to do. There’s the Indy 500 and the Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival. The Covered Bridge Festival happened to be going on while I was there!

Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of vendors with everything and anything you can imagine buying. There was so much food too! I got samples of fresh donuts, pretzels, cheese curds, and fudge.There was a drink called a Lemon-Shake Up that I had never heard of (Hannah thought that was so weird) but it basically tasted like watered down lemonade to me. For lunch I decided on a pulled pork sandwich, and a frozen, chocolate dipped, Oreo covered cheesecake for dessert! 

Frozen, chocolate dipped cheesecake with Oreo

I was taking in my surroundings when this strange looking food caught my eye.

“Hannah, what is that weird, flat food?” I asked.
“Umm, you mean a funnel cake?”
“No, it was in a bun…”
Hannah burst out laughing, “You mean a tenderloin?!”
“I guess…”
“It’s a tenderloin.”
Great description Hannah.

It looked ridiculous. It looked like a huge breaded pancake with a bun in the middle. The bun was so pointless since the tenderloin was about 5 times bigger than it so you can’t even pick it up like you would with a burger.

Another thing I noticed was all the men, all the men wearing overalls! You would NEVER see that in my town! Maybe down south or more west but not where I live. I wish I had taken a picture with them.


My trip had to include a donut shop stop for sure! My goal is to visit a unique donut shop in all 50 states #TheGreatDonutAdventure. We decided to venture to Long’s Bakery. Even though Hannah lives there she had never been either! They are known in the area for the best donuts and they’re reasonably priced too.


I got an apple cinnamon donut and a blueberry donut.

Long's Bakery: Apple Cinnamon Donut
Apple Cinnamon Donut
Long's Bakery: Blueberry Donut
Blueberry Donut

They were both delicious but I’d recommend the blueberry one for sure!

The Last Stop

Our final stop was Mug-N-Bun, the oldest drive-in restaurant in Indiana. It had carnival type food, think corn dogs, onion rings, grilled cheese, and funnel cake fries!

Mug_N_Bug Funnel Cake Fries
Mug-N-Bun: Funnel Cake Fries

For a state that I thought would just be country roads and cornfields we had so much to do and I had a great time! I hope to go back again and check out some more restaurants and maybe the Indy 500.



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