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Hair Donation

I think I was about 7 years old when I donated my hair for the first time. I remember our friend and hair stylist, Chris, telling me about Locks of Love and wanting to help out other kids. So I did it, I chopped off my long, dirty blonde locks and ended up with a bob just below my earlobes.

Here’s a picture of me about 7-8 months after I cut and donated my hair for the first time!

Hair Donations
March 1999

Since then I’ve donated my hair 5 more times! That’s about once every three years. Now this post isn’t to brag or say I’m a great person because I donate my hair. I mean it’s great hair, I grow it myself, but I wanted to help educate people about the options and maybe inspire someone else to donate their hair as well!

As I just mentioned I started out donating to Locks of Love; however, the last few times I’ve been donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. So, what’s the difference? Well first of all there’s also Wigs for Kids; I personally have not donated to this particular organization but I wanted to mention them as well.

Wigs for Kids

Wigs for Kids is similar to Locks of Love but does have a few differences. They donate to children 18 years and younger who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, and burns.

  • Minimum Hair Requirement: 12 inches
  • They do NOT accept any chemically treated hair (bleached or permed), or coloured hair (including highlights)
  • Pony tails needed to make one wig: 20-30

This is the longest requirement I have seen so it may take you a little longer in order to donate. You can read more on how to donate here.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love creates hairpieces to donate to children under the age of 21 in the US and Canada. There were rumors going around at one point that they were charging for the wigs but after I did some research it was clarified that they do sell hair BUT that they only sell hair that can not be used for a hair piece and the money they receive goes to offsetting the manufacturing costs.

  • Minimum Hair Requirement: 10 inches
  • You hair CAN be coloured or permed
  • Curly hair CAN be straightened to meet length requirement
  • Can NOT accept bleached hair
  • Pony tails needed to make one wig: 6-10

Most of the donations go to children who have Alopecia. They also donate to children who suffer from hair loss due to burns, radiation, chemo and other traumas. You can read more on how to donate to here.

Pantene – Beautiful Lengths

The last few times I have donated to Pantene’s Beautiful Locks. Why? Well number 1, they have the shortest length requirement (8 inches) which means I don’t have to cut my hair as short. They provide hairpieces to adult women who are experiencing hair loss due to their battle against cancer. Another thing I love about Pantene is that they highly encourage any kind of donations. Yes, you can send a monetary donation to the other organizations but Pantene displays simply, “8 inches or 8 dollars” and I love that.

  • Minimum Hair Requirement: 8 inches
  • They do NOT accept any chemically treated hair (bleached or permed), or coloured hair (including highlights)
  • Pony tails needed to make one wig: 8-15

You can read more about how to prepare your hair to donate here.

All organizations require that your hair be clean and dry. It also needs to be in a ponytail or braid with multiple elastics in order to keep the hair together.

I already inspired my cousin to cut her hair! Check out this short video and interview of her for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, I even got a little shout out and a picture!

Unfortunately I did not take before and after pictures every time I donated but here are the two most recent times:

Hair Donation
Hair Donation
April 2015

Are you wondering how I get my hair to grow so fast in order to donate it so often? There are a couple things

  1. Luckily, my hair naturally grows pretty fast.
  2. I don’t dye, bleach, perm, or highlight my hair. I rarely use products and during the winter is the only time I really expose my hair to heat (blow dryer and straightener). When I do use heat I use Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Shine Spray in my hair.
  3. I also use the most incredible hair supplement called Hair Skin Nails and thanks to this I will be able to donate my hair in two years instead of three! It’s grown so much since April 2015. Check it out now!
Hair Skin Nails
October 2016

When I’m having a good hair day, my confidence is boosted immensely so I wanted to be able to help others love themselves and feel confident too. The women and children receiving these wigs are going through some of the hardest times in their lives and they should still be able to feel beautiful. My hair will grow back but some of the wig recipients will not experience that. It’s crazy to think that over the years I’ve donated six times but that’s only a total of 8-12 ponytails, which only makes one wig.

If you have been thinking about donating your hair I hope I was able to inspire you and educate you about it! Please comment below and let me know if you’ve donated before and share your pictures with me.








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  1. I love this! I have always wanted to donate my hair, unfortunately, I dye my hair way too much and I pretty much kill it. So this last time when I dyed my hair I cut it all off, I cut all the really fried hair off.

    1. Thanks girl! I always want to highlight or dye my hair but then I don’t because I want to donate again. You could always do a monetary donation if you want to get involved 🙂

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