Spontaneous Road Trips

I’ve never been a spontaneous person. I try to be and I like the idea of it but the reality of it is: I’m a planner. Always have been, always will be. I may “spontaneously” make plans to do something but it’s still always a few days before so I can get the details worked out.

Where was I this weekend though? I was in the car on a 12 hour road trip to Michigan and Ohio! When was this planned? The MONDAY before.

I haven’t directly said it before but I’m an Independent Distributor with It Works! Global. Best $99 I’ve ever spent. I’m bringing this up because that’s what got me to Michigan. It was my very first, in person, It Works event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The journey there was… hectic.  We ended up driving through rain, fog, sleet, and then a full-blown blizzard (IN APRIL!). There’s really no other reason I’d ever travel all the way to Michigan.  Like I said before, it’s a 10 hour drive (it got extended 2 hours due to the weather).

This event was a training for It Works distributors and I was super pumped because going meant I got to meet more of my team in person and see Hannah again! Before It Works! I actually didn’t know any of these girls; I had Hannah on Facebook but never met her in person until she surprised me last month.  This company has brought so many new friends, confidence, freedom, and of course money into my life. The money is exciting and why I started but since then it has become so much more.  It’s now about changing lives, bringing families home, about having freedom! Since I said, “yes” to this opportunity my team alone has changed 50+ lives either through the business or the products.

After an amazing training we hopped back in the car and heading to Ohio. “We” is my mom and me.  That’s another awesome thing about It Works! I get to have my mom as a business partner and work together. This can definitely get frustrating but rewarding in the long run. One of my mom’s friends who lived in Barbados when we lived there now lives in Ohio.  Her house is almost exactly halfway back to our house so we went to see her and her family for the night. Renee (my mom’s friend) recently opened up the cutest little store you’ve ever seen that has beautiful new and refurbished furniture and decor. If you’re ever in the area or need some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, go check out her store! She even has workshops to learn how to do different techniques with the paint and events where you can work on a piece you purchase or bring in. I wish I lived closer so I could bring in everything I own haha.

The other place we visited while in Ohio was Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon. Renee’s husband Paul opened up this place and it has won countless awards and medals for their original craft beer.  I personally don’t like beer but I did eat the food and damnnnn it was good. Do you like bacon? I LOVE bacon. My life would be so sad without bacon.  They have on their menu, “Headwiches” – sandwiches as big as your head! The one I tried was Devine Swine – pulled pork with bacon on top and man it was good! I would highly recommend it!

We also took a little drive around these old Victorian houses and I found my dream home.  It needs fixing up but it’s absolutely beautiful.  Not for sale but maybe I can replicate it someday.

Can you believe we did all this in one weekend?! I can’t. We got back in the car around 3:00PM on Sunday and headed back to good ole VA. It was a great weekend that I never would’ve had if it wasn’t for It Works! I’m so grateful for the opportunities this company has given me and I have never been one to stay in one place too long so being able to travel is a HUGE plus.

Comment//Message me if you have any questions about anything in this post! I’d love to welcome you to the team and be a part of a life changing decision.

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