My mom pulled it off. She planned a surprise that didn’t get ruined, no one spilled the beans, and I was genuinely surprised (in shock actually). I literally had NO IDEA. The funny thing is, SO MANY people (pretty much everyone on our It Works! Team, that’s 100+ people) knew about it!

She had mentioned she ordered something for me for my birthday and that there was a delay and it hadn’t been delivered yet. I’m thinking she ordered something on Amazon or some other website.  Actually, to be honest, I thought it was more seasons of the Golden Girls on DVD because I had been asking for those (I’m basically a middle aged woman).

I didn’t think anything of it when one of the secretaries at my office came by saying that someone reported that a blue, Hyundai Accent had it’s lights on (that’s my car).  I immediately ran out to check because I JUST got a new battery and was going to be so annoyed if I killed it. I walked up to the passenger side and looked in… no lights on.
I thought, “guess someone else has the same car.”
Then I noticed writing on the driver’s side window… my first thought was, “Oh sh*t, who did I piss off enough to vandalize my car?!”
So as I started to walk around to the driver’s side to see what was on my car I look up and my mom, Mike, Sean (Mike’s son), and one of my BFFs Hannah come running out!!!
{They had painted, “SURPRISE!” on the driver’s side and I went to the wrong side, oops}

You can see in my face how shocked I was!

This was a Wednesday and they proceeded to tell me I didn’t have to work the next two days. How was this possible?! My boss had also been in on this surprise! She made sure I didn’t have any appointments set up for the next two days and already planned the days off with my mom. Sneaky.

Needless to say it’s been a busy month! I’m seriously just so excited for all the things to come this year. 2016 keeps getting better with each passing day!



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