A Week of Celebrations

It’s been a little while since my last post but that’s because as I mentioned before, I turned 25 this month. March 8th to be more specific. Now, why would my birthday cause a delay in posting? Because my family and friends went above and beyond this year. It wasn’t just a birthDAY it was a birthWEEK.  So much went down that I haven’t had the chance to really sit for a minute and write!

Here are the highlights:
My mom did a little card and present each day for the week. Which was awesome! Little things like a big candy bar, a calendar, etc. On the Saturday before my birthday my uncle came from NYC for a weekend and we did a family party. BBQ and cake! My actual birthday was on a Tuesday and flowers were delivered to my office from my mom and her boyfriend, Mike. After work, my mom and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (this is tradition). We always share the fried calamari, filet mignon, and then each get our own piece of cheesecake (I rotate between the Chocolate Tuxedo Creme – which recently had a name change, the Godiva chocolate, and the Oreo!).

**Side note: I never get surprises. They get planned but somehow they always get ruined. SOMEHOW I find out, someone spills the beans… SOMETHING. I usually know most of my presents before the occasion (think Christmas, birthdays, etc.)**

I was pretty bummed because I thought my mom had been planning yet another surprise that got ruined and I was telling my amazing Big about it (literally in tears because I always ruin surprises when people work hard on them; I’m also a terrible actor so I can’t even pretend like I didn’t find out and fake being surprised either).  So I got home that night and my perfect gem of a Big had sent me a beautiful edible arrangement that I was NOT expecting at all! She surprised me <3

Friday night my step-sisters came from Fredericksburg with their mom and we went to the Cheesecake Factory AGAIN! This was planned last minute so I just happened to get lucky and go twice in one week!

I was told to keep the Saturday after my birthday free because I needed to show up at my friend Laura’s house around 4:00 and dress cute haha. She was not very subtle in this surprise. I knew there was some kind of gathering happening but I wasn’t sure exactly what we were doing and who would be there. I got there and everything was so cutely decorated and most of my closest friends were there (some were missing). There was a piñata and what I had been waiting ALL WEEK for – a Sugar Shack donut CAKE. Basically a giant donut that you can share with everyone! We had a nice quiet little gathering that later switched over to a house party.

Overall I had an amazing start to my 25th year of living and I just know the year ahead will hold even more amazing adventures!

Here are some pictures of my crazy, fun, exciting birthWEEK!


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