Monkeys & Monks

Just over a year ago I was traveling around Thailand with my dad.  His current wife is Thai and he’s been going there on business trips for many years.  So I asked if this time I could tag along. ✈️ It was absolutely AMAZING. I have never seen such beautiful places, eaten such amazing food (the fruit was phenomenal) and bought so many cheap clothes, I practically got a new wardrobe haha!

Anyway, I could go on and on but I wanted to tell you about when we went to Hua-Hin and visited the 🐒 Monkey Temple. My dad told me there would be a lot of monkeys (I mean, it IS called the Monkey Temple) but I honestly was not expecting what was to follow.  As you drive in, there are groups of monkeys here and there (since I majored in Anthropology, I’d like to throw in the fact that they are macaques). There was a lady you could buy food from so we rolled down the window and got a bag. That’s when they all started to appear.  They know what it means when someone gets a bag from that lady. 🍌 FOOD! As quickly as sorority girls run towards free pizza 🍕 and Starbucks ☕️, hoards of monkeys appeared and followed the car down the hill. We parked at the bottom and my dad, Moo (pronounced “Mo” – his wife) and Nava (my brother) got out of the car. I hesitated because I didn’t know what the monkeys would do once we were accessible to them. More and more were starting to appear. I started to roll down the window to give my dad the bag of food when a tiny hand reached down from the roof of the car and grabbed the bag! 🐵

That’s when all hell broke loose.

I quickly shut the window and hundreds – I promise I’m not exaggerating –  hundreds of monkeys started sprinting towards the car! 🙈

There was no way I could open the door to get out, I was literally trapped and could feel the car shaking! 🚗 It was a mixture of hysterically laughing at the situation but also fear that somehow one would get inside and that would be the end of my life (maybe that’s a tad dramatic).  I could see my dad doubled over laughing at my predicament.  Next thing I see is a Monk running down the hill to get the monkeys off the car.  Maybe he heard my screams? I could finally get out of the car without a monkey slipping inside.

Here I am after my great escape (this is about 1/100th of the number of monkeys that were actually on the car when I was inside!)

monkey, car

Then I got a little more comfortable with them being around. They even stole my dad’s drink and decided they were going to drink it.

monkey, drinks

We then got back in the car and went to the top of the hill where the actual temple is. The monkeys followed but we didn’t have the same problem as before.

monkey, pants

I was about to get more food and one little guy was very curious about my pants.  He just casually walked over and began feeling the material. I was still a little nervous at this point! Then I got the food and they SWARMED! One jumped up and tried to completely steal the whole bucket out of my hands!

Once I was out of food, I was just surrounded. I couldn’t walk because they were either sitting on my feet or I would step on one if I moved!


Then things calmed down and we walked around and just got to see how cute they all were! I was still nervous because even though they are used to humans being around them, they are still wild animals and can be unpredictable.

Oh! I forgot to mention that there are practically no road rules in Thailand and people all drive crazy. Why is this relevant? Earlier in the week a guy on a motorcycle flew by and ripped the driver’s mirror right off the door. When the Monk came to rescue me he saw the mirror hanging off the door and thought the monkeys had ripped it off! My dad had been pretty pissed about the mirror but he thought it was hilarious that the Monk thought the monkeys did the damage!

Overall take away from the experience? It was honestly one of my favourite places we visited in Thailand! I’d love to go back and I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance!

xoxo Brie, like the cheese.


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